Let those feeling flow…

Hey There!!

Welcome to my blog!! Here you won’t find the latest updates of the world, or some tacky updates about supermodels…..but you might find something to relate to, something you might’ve felt too more often than not and just forgot to or were too busy to give expression to it….

Yeah, they got it right….This is my very first time blogging. I am 24 and this is the first time I am blogging something…late??I know! Its just like all those other times of new beginnings. There’s excitement, curiosity, nervousness, all  combined into one. Till now, though I have been writing, but it has never been something public. So this experience is going to be all the more important and special for me….

I find writing  as a real stress buster. Mostly my inspiration for writing comes to me under circumstances where I find myself in a fix. Though I don’t think  I am a very professional writer or something, but I think what I write puts my thoughts before people in a better way. I have always been of the view that I can have a better conversation while writing than by speaking…… I screw things up!! In other words , I can say, words say the things, which to express, the tongue falters.

I always find comfort in the beauty of words. I really believe its a great way of self  analysis and improvement…..by the end of each day you know what you did, and can think more rationally about it.

Through my posts, I have no intention of seeking attention…….but  if one word can help and comfort a person, then well…….why not???

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